Book Review: Containment

If you are a fan of the genre Near Future Science Fiction… scratch that, if you know what Near Future Science Fiction is then you can safely call yourself a super nerd. I know that I am a super ninja nerd because NF Sci-Fi is my absolute favorite genre. I have recently completed a book in the genre that I found most entertaining. The beauty of this book is that it is not so Sci-Fi focused as to put off reader that does not generally enjoy the genre. The book is called Containment and it is authored by Christian Cantrell. This is the first book I have read by the author.

Containment takes place in a near future (see, the genre is so cool!) earth that is in the last years of existence as pollution, contamination, and war has finally left the planet uninhabitable. A human race unified by a common goal is now completely focused on colonizing another planet in our solar system. Strangely (but scientifically logical) they have chosen Venus, and not Mars, to be destination for the new Earth colony.

The plot focuses around a young prodigy Arik who is of the first generation of humans born off world. Since he was a child, and maybe even before he was a child Arik was schooled in the most advanced maths and sciences. We come to find our young prodigy is tasked with finding a way to create oxygen through artificial photosynthesis in order to aide the terraforming of the harsh Venutian environment.

The deeper plot, character motivations, and twists unfold in a satisfying pace. Questions are raised early in the book and if you hang on past the first 50 pages you will not be able to put it down. Containment by Christian Cantrell is a true space drama, yet not so future Sci-Fi as to put off those not familiar with the genre. If you enjoy popular mechanics, wonder about technology, bio-science, or are of the generally curious variety then Containment will be a very entertaining read. The book presents a not far from possible future full of questions, memorable characters, and a slight jab at global economic and environmental policy.