Movember: With Great ‘Tache Comes Great Responsibility

Well it is/was that time of year where all of us men band together to support other men in the most manly way possible… by growing an awesome piece of ‘tache on our upper lip. Not to be taken lightly Movember is a movement, a celebration of man supporting man, a selfless and shameless casting out of vanity for a month in order to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and other manly afflictions.


If you see men out and about the rest of the week with riduculous, disgusting, out of place, and downright dirty strands of hair occupying the DMZ between nose and upper lip, please do not gasp in hooror. Please walk up to that man, firmly grasp his had and say “thank you”. Thank you to all men who will not conform to society’s view of mustache and for assisting your fellow men in their time of need.


Take some time to think back about some of the great men of mustache that have changed the world. Next November… no, next Movember, proudly rock that dirty patchy ‘tache in support of men everywhere and always remember that “with great ‘tache comes great responsibility”.