Book Preview: Lovers or something like it

“When disaffected young Parisin Tristan meets pretty, fragile Amelie he is thrown off guard by his feelings for her. He had sworn to stay single forever, loving and leaving a trail of heart-broken women in his wake. He hasn’t done anything to deserve falling in love: why him and why Amelie? Is she really so special? Tristan is torn between tenderness and desire, and as their relationship grows ever more complex, he finds it impossible to avoid betrayal.

Lovers or something like it is an intelligent and sensitive portrayal of the doubts and desires of a new generation, suffering from the agony of indecision and too many choices to feel true contentment.”


Definitely not my typical type of book, but it comes highly recommended by a random person in the book store. Apparently the French author Florian Zeller is something of a sensation. Still in his late 20s he has authored three best selling novels including this one. Stay tuned for the review.