Film Review: Love (2011)

Human beings are social creatures by nature. From the moment we are born we are emotionally bound to our mother, dependent on our father, and influenced by everyone around us. As we grow older we seek connections with others, some of these connections lasting exclusively for decades. From the beginning of our existence we are in need of connection with other people.


Love is an intriguing film by William Eubank scored by Angels & Airwaves that seeks to explain the need for human connection we all strive to experience. We are given but a single character to focus on, a man stranded on the International Space Station after some unexplained apocalyptic event cuts off all communication from earth. Viewers are given the opportunity of viewing the world through his eyes as he slowly begins to substitute the lack of human contact with various other pursuits.


Remember that this is a film not a movie for the mass market. If you enjoyed films like Moon, or The Fountain, then you will find the story and soundtrack absolutely provocative.