Movie Preview: Prometheus

Ok, ok I know that this is another movie based post but what can I do? I have a lot of time to myself this holiday season so I have been filling it in with books and movies. For all you nerds out there (myself included of course), famed director Ridley Scott has released the first trailer for the upcoming movie “Prometheus”. The release of this trailer is significant for a couple reasons. First, the trailer is of course a big budget film based on an incredible story about first contact. Second, and probably more significant, is that this film takes place in the “Alien” universe of films. Yes Ridley Scott is the director of the original “Alien” film and “Prometheus” is the rumored prequel to the franchise. I for one am definitely looking forward to 2012 as a great year for my favorite genres as both “Prometheus” and “The Hobbit” are due for release. Jump past the break for the trailer.