Movie review: The Thing (2011)

First and foremost this is not a movie for the Science Fiction or Horror genre averse. This is not even a move for people who generally enjoy sci-fi and horror movies. No, this is a movie for fans of the original version of “The Thing” from 1982. For those in the know, “The Thing” is a sci-fi/horror cult classic. It is a movie that pioneered new methods of animatronics and special effects for the entire industry (walking spider head anyone!?!). “The Thing (2011)” takes the same basic formula and updates it for 2011, even though the movie still takes place in the 80s… love it!

True to it’s roots “The Thing (2011)” sticks to the same basic formula of the 1982 original. An expedition in the artic to uncover a frozen artifact not of this world and decipher it’s origins… what could possibly go wrong? Lacking an A list cast, lacking a mostly native English speaking cast actually, the story pits colleague against colleague as the tension builds and you try to discover just who has been influenced” by this ancient artifact.


The Thing (2011)

The movie brings a sense of tension rarely felt in this modern age of exceptional special effects. While the special effects are intense, they do not detract from the underlying horror that exists throughout the movie. Even the ending will have you scratching your head and trying to remember one of the key scenes early in the film.


Again, “The Thing (2011)” is for the fans, but definitely check out the original if you are curious. Me, I loved it because it brought me back to being 6 years old and scared shitless of the things you can’t see… but that can see you. 8/10.


The Thing (1982)