Star Wars Flash Mob in Times Square

Now this will definitely reconfirm my status as a super nerd, but I love Star Wars, and I love a good flash mob. For those non-nerds that are not in the know a flash mob is an unexpected gathering of hundreds of people that act out a scene of a movie, musical, or other ridiculous act for a short period of time in a public place. Around Halloween in the US you see the Michael Jackson Thriller flashmobs, maybe a Storm Trooper flash mob, but the recent Star Wars: The Old Republic video game promotion that recently took place takes the cake… jump past the break for the video.


Hundreds of people participated in a promotion for a new Star Wars Massively Multiplater Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) on the 20th of December in the middle of a crowded Times Square. Peep the video below where you can see actors in Hollywood quality makeup, and actors and fans without costumes freeze for about a minute in a half while some epic music plays out. Man I love this stuff! Anyone in New York remember the freeze frame flash mob in 2008 where hundreds of people froze in place at 5:00 PM for one minute smack in the middle of Grand Central Station… freaked people out.