Would You Buy an Apple Branded TV?

Brand recognition and loyalty does not get much higher than it is with Apple. I have personally witnessed people saving money for the next iDevice sight unseen with only a conceptual understanding of what they will ┬ábe getting based on the interwebs rumor mill. The iPhone 4S is a perfect example of a product that was so incredibly hyped by the rumor mill that even the investment community got on-board and when the device was finally released Apple stock dropped because the iPhone 4S did not meet expectations… the made up expectations of the rumor mill.


The latest rumor that has the interwebs abuzz is the idea of an Apple branded TV. Not the AppleTV which already exists in it’s second generation as a little, black hockey puck that brings all of your Apple music, movies, and television to your HDTV. The analyst opinion from “sources in the supply chain” point to a flat screen HDTV with some form of iTunes integration. Granted that Apple has a reputation for high quality goods, but I just cannot see going crazy over an Apple branded HDTV. With the brand recognition that Apple currently has in the consumer electronic space I expect that whatever device Apple finally comes out with will be a best seller in the space. I also expect that the new device will come with some amazing innovation like full voice control or eye tracking which will revolutionize how we interact with our entertainment devices.


Whether or not Apple comes out with a new unicorn and fairy dust powered iTV I can just about guarantee that I will not be getting one. Will you be buying the new iTV? What are you expecting the magical new device will bring to the table?


Would you buy an Apple branded TV?

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(via WSJ) Thanks Dan