Not getting any on Valentine’s day? There’s an app for that

Former Microsoft employee and obvious genius Justin Wilcox knows your pain. Come Valentime’s day if you are all alone with just you and your smartphone, the medicine is only a download away. Far away from your loved ones, and Skype is just not giving you that tactile touch you need? The Appstore or Android Market has the fix for your craving…

What Justin has created is an application called “Closer ToGetHer” that basically allows you to control the vibration on another person’s phone. So if you are a bit tired of “poking” your special friend on Facebook, download the app and send them a sentimental “vibe” instead.



Now to be honest, the functionality at use here was originally created with a far more innocent purpose. The vibration to music function was originally created by Justin for Xbox controllers, but was apparently rejected by Microsoft internally for its obvious “adult” possibilities. Anyway, I like it and have been treating myself to a bit of buzz all morning 😉


Don’t go too crazy Danny and Khati… this app was basically custom made for you two.


(Mashable via Slashgear)