Things I am not too old for at thirty-something

Yet another year about, yet another job, yet another flat… You get the point. As we get older we are apparently supposed to get more mature, gain more intellectual interests, have tea parties, and offer more fake laughs for bad jokes. That is all well and good, but as we get older there are some things that simply do not change. I for one will be forever locked at 10 years old with regards to some of my interests, goals, and behavior (of course). Some of the things I have liked for the last 21 years are below:

Video Games!
You can judge me all you want, but I will never get to old to desire, play, and master all genres of video games. With consoles like the Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 the gaming universe has never been more alive! For less than the cost of a new cell phone I can be screaming orders at someone thousands of miles away while we cooperatively eliminate the alien onslaught… or robopocalypse… or radioactive bug invasion… or whatever its fun and it makes me smile ear to ear! The situation is only going to get better (or worse) as games take on ever more plot and production value.

South Park, American Dad, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show… cartoons are basically made for 30-somethings these days. If your children are laughing at the jokes in these cartoons you should be very worried… They are topical, hilarious, and I like all the bright colors and loud noises.

Hot Chocolate!
It is hot and it is chocolate… ’nuff said. I will basically eat or drink anything with that description (minds out of the gutter please).

I have been wearing them since I was 3 and my Artificial Intelligence simulacrum will have on a pair as it projects a visual image of me into your brains 300 years from now. They are timeless and elegant and I will have at least one pair in my closet until the end of time (or the need for closets).

Chances are that if you can plug it in and it can connect to the Interwebs then I will want to play with it. Cell phones, iAnything, tablets, laptops, consoles, anything from Best Buy, PC World, Dixons, or Carphone Warehouse. All your gadgets are belong to me… love ’em!

All I know is that I have gone from making cabins and hideouts for my ninja turtles to making tractors and cars that I can program for object avoidance and retrieval, and steer with my smartphone. I think that I will soon be able to build and charter a flight on my own Lego helicopter. They are awesome and if I have kids we will be playing Legos all day long!

Night lights!
The dark is scary…