Data Mining The Social Network

Nobody will argue against the fact that Facebook is a treasure trove of valuable information for advertizers. Specific demographics, website visits, games, product interests, and interaction trends are but a few of the minutiae that are gathered about its members (and non-members apparently). The ability to anonymize and distribute metrics about 700+ million individuals is an absolute treasure chest of information for people trying to sell you stuff which allows the book of face to make it’s millions.

Beyond the obvious commercial and financial applications of all that data there is a less obvious and hilarious use for all that date. For example, what I find most funny is that April 2nd is the number one day on Facebook for people to change their status from “in a relationship” or “married” to something a little more… available. Now some of you may be wondering “why April 2nd”? I know it is probably due to the amazing and hilarious jokes played on April 1st, also known as April fool’s day. Anyway, with April 1st rapidly approaching are there any jokers out there planning for a breakup?

Personally I think the best day to breakup is the day before Valentine’s day. saves a ton of time, money, and hassle (aren’t I such a romantic). What other social┬áconundrums┬ácan ye olde book of face answer for us? Perhaps it can tell us what is the most popular gift before Christmas based on likes and views of products… maybe it can tell us what celebrity is about to blow up… or maybe it can answer the age old question of why celebrities are allowed to name their children something ridiculous…

Comments, comments on my wall, who is the most popular of them all?

Image credit The Village Voice