Hungry in Hungary? Try The Goulash

Yet another destination in The Burnette travel series 2012. Budapest, Hungary has that bit of Eastern European magic you just can’t get anywhere else. When you can go to a restaurant and order a schnitzel, stuffed with cheese, breaded and fried, with a blue cheese sauce to top it all off, you know you are somewhere amazing. Fat within fat, fried in fat, with fat sauce (fat inception anyone?) tastes amazing.

Still on the subject of food and drink, Hungary also has quite an impressive wine industry. When I say impressive I mean impressive in scope as they grow and develop both red and white varietals and the end result is… interesting. The wines that I tried all had very unique characteristics to say the least. I took the opportunity to get sloppy drunk on wine in Eastern Europe try a number of reds and whites, even a sparkling wine, with mixed levels of satisfaction. In a gross generalization the reds I tried were definitely on the lighter side and had a distinct mineral taste that bordered on sulphur whereas the whites had a tremendous bouquet of apple and citrus but the taste was somewhat dry and muted yet satisfying. Reds are quite suited for the heavier beef and pork based entrees and the whites are honestly to be experienced over appetizers outside on a sunny day. So the wine and food are definitely unique, but the nightlife…


From Budapest March 2012


It never ceases to amaze me how the culture of a city shines brightest at night. Budapest hosts some amazing, entertaining, and just plain weird night life. As one of the stag doo capitals of Eastern Europe you are bound to catch some poor soul being socially (and physically) abused by his supposed friends on a night out. Most of the evening life that I experienced was in the old Jewish section of the city which reminds me quite a lot of Shoreditch in London, the East Village in New York, or the Mission District in San Francisco. The area is buzzing with twenty and thirty-somethings just out for a good time. The disco called Doboz is particularly entertaining and has three dance floors, four bars, and a full open courtyard connecting it all… good times.


From Budapest March 2012


Food, sights, and night life are all quite impressive. In addition to those aforementioned treats there are also a few traditional Roman baths scattered in four of the more historic hotels in Budapest. It is not so much the soaking in the mineral and perfumed water that is interesting so much as the amazing visuals of being in a room that has served the same purpose for hundreds of years.


From Budapest March 2012


So should you visit Budapest? If you fancy good food and drink at a good value, beautiful spring and summer weather, and a young cool vibe in some of the main urban centers then definitely! Be sure to check out the SOHO Hotel for great value on a cool room in walking distance to the majority of attractions in the city. Nothing is more than 20 minutes away by foot or subway.



Disco?? Really??

While on your flight to Hungary, did you happen to look out of the window and realise that in fact you were in a Delorean?

How was Doc Brown and Marty? I imagine you hooked up while you were back there…