Like a Good Little Robot: 20th of March 2012

Good Morning, or is it? Another day, another dollar as a very wise man once said. I’m guessing he was American because I am not sure what the saying would be over here in the UK…


  • Something strange is burning my eyes. Is that… sunshine… two days in a row?I must still be asleep and dreaming
  • Easier to get out of bed this morning, thank you sunshine
  • Should I hop on the bike this morning… no, pull ups instead. Feeling strong.
  • Coffee… need coffee! Espresso machine was the best purchase ever!
  • Brush teeth, shave head, face, shower, suit up
  • Need a tie today, talking to securities firm in the city… match tie and cuff links. Sharp.
  • Walking to work, Outkast – Atliens, Lupe Fiasco – Shining Down. Big smile.
  • Sunny outside today, I may not attempt throwing myself out the window at work again… why are the windows so strong anyway? Bounced off like a handball last time… embarrassing.
  • At the office… off to the loo… need to psych myself up in the mirror.
  • 9:05, already laughed at two jokes that were not funny. I just died a little inside.
  • Overheard someone talk about something cute their kid did this morning… yay… get back to work.
  • Rooibos tea makes me smile at least
  • Stuck into the grind now… reading, analysing, writing, some programming today maybe… nice
  • At least it’s sunny outside… I will go for a run along the river after work

I am the robot.

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Sorry for not replying sooner but it took longer than I thought to stop crying….