Like a Good Little Robot: 8th of March 2012

The “Like a Good Little Robot” series will chronicle the life of a fictitious (or real) individual in their daily life, a life of the mundane. Why we do what we do is a source of facination. Working to work, living to work, working to live, loving to work, loving work, or working toward what we love… Which one is you? Send me your day or post in the comments. info at burnetteweb dot com.

Good morning.

  • Wake Up, snooze, wake up, snooze,
  • Have a cry about all my failures, joys, losses, gains… exhausting
  • Turn on the news, pay attention to the weather, notice the newscaster is exceptionally unattractive… BBC, why do you do this to me?
  • Ride the stationary bike, zone out, zone back in to extreme pain, sweat out frustrations, 45 minutes, dismount
  • brush teeth, cut angry long nose hair, stare into myself, disappointed
  • Shower, wake up, exit, dry
  • Dress for work, trousers, grey suit… not feeling it, blue suit, white shirt, pearl cuff links, black shoes, ties are at the office
  • make coffee, small joy, small smile
  • Walk to work, wake up, sunshine, big joy, big smile
  • Mos Def, Umi says, Common, Finding Forever, bigger smile
  • Get to work, dock laptop, address co-workers, snarky comments
  • Get up, more coffee, outside office, small joy
  • Back to work, reading, analyzing, thinking, talking
  • Voicemail, no pin,
  • Manning up to deal with IT, big sigh
  • Lunchtime, The Verge, Engadget, Pocket-Lint, Parlour Magazine… Blogging

I am the robot.