Ok, Ok, So I Have a Big Phone

Over the past few years we all have witnessed the transition of phone fashion from the smallest phone physically possible to the largest touch screen possible. I will admit that while mobile phones remain fairly small in terms of thickness, the screen size is getting pretty insane with some phones crossing the 5″ ridiculous barrier.

As you can no doubt tell from my blog I am a huge gadget fan. Having the latest, coolest, biggest, or smallest phone is an absolute necessity if I am to keep my geek gold status. The latest beast in my gadget arsenal is the Samsung Galaxy note. The 5.3″ beast of a phone, or anorexic tablet as I like to think of it, is my day to day note taker, blog maker, and beat maker. People look at me strangely when it is used as a phone because it is so big. It may take two hands to operate most times, but I have never really thought about it until I saw this..


Apparently my momma phone is so big that an elephant can use it. You know what… My hands are so manly that the only other beast that can control my phone weighs as much as a monster truck. I am a nerd, hear me roar!


(via Pocket-Lint)