The Perfect Product For Kanye

If ever a product was made specifically for one individual this is it. If you have ever been visually victimized by reading anything that Kanye West puts on twitter you need to invest in a roll or two immediately. Startup Sh*tter so appropriately takes any twitter feed and prints it out as a roll of toilet paper. Now I know that the startup says “any” twitter feed, but we all know there is only enough paper in the world to print out the drivel that oozes out of Kanye’s mind grapes. Please do stock me up on a few dozen rolls of Shia LeBouf’s thoughts and dreams if there is any paper left in the world after Kay Dub’s memoirs are printed on quilted roll. I have contributed my entire savings to this project and I look forward to finally using the words of professor West as nature intended (and Shia LeBouf of course). **gulps another refreshing mouthful of lemon-lime haterade**


(via Slashgear)