ZOMG Paper Airplanes!

Ever since I was a child making paper airplanes has been a hobby. I can remember taking tens of minutes to crease each fold for maximum lift and minimal drag (yes I understood the concepts of lift and drag as a child). Bernoulli’s principal of fluid dynamics, which also applies to aeronautics when designing for lift, has guided my pursuit of aeronautic, origamic perfection for decades. This is exactly why I had a massive nerdgasm as I read that a group of aeronautical engineers have constructed a 45-foot, 800 pound paper airplane in the desert of Arizona… and launched it!

Apparently this pressed pulp monstrosity hit a top speed of 98Mph when dropped from a helicopter. All I know is that I am on the first one flying out of Heathrow when they figure out how to slingshot one of these bad boys across the Atlantic.



(via Slashgear)