Travelling To Cuba? Better Let The U.S. Know All About It

Just in case you needed some additional confirmation that Team America is indeed the World Police you now have to submit your advanced passenger information to the US government when you travel from the UK to 6 Canadian airports, Mexico, and of course America’s favorite neighbor, Cuba. The new regulation now requires you to provide your full name, date of birth, and gender at least 72 hours before you travel over US airspace (wait… does a trip from the UK to Canada go over the US? No? You must provide information anyway!). The best part about this new regulation is that you will not know that you have been rejected from flying until you are streaming tears and pepper spray down the front of your shirt you terrorist… but seriously, you won’t know until you pick up your boarding pass. Just some additional red tape to make your international travel experience a little more pleasant and safe. Happy travels.

via (the Independent)