Giving Up The Internet For A Year

The title says it all really. We use the Internet every single day and most of us depend on it for the majority of our professional and social interaction. Email, instant messenger, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, even text messaging are services that we take for granted every day with the knowledge that they are just available. How do you get your news? How do you communicate with friends and family far away? How do you watch TV? How do you read books? The Internet delivers our lives to us on a place that is only a few taps, swipes, or keystrokes away. What would you do if you stopped using the Internet and Internet based services for a year?


I have been using the Internet since the days where you had to use a phone line to connect and the speeds could basically only support text based services (anyone remember bulletin board services), or very simple web pages. Like most people I know I could hardly imagine a life without the ability to instantly download or connect to whatever I want or need. I even get my television delivered down my broadband Internet connection these days. I use Skype more than I use the phone, and most people I communicate with are via a text based service (because actually conversing with people can be so tiring… apparently ). So what would life be like without the Internet for a year… I have no idea of course, but Paul Miller of my favorite site The Verge does.

Mr. Miller has taken it upon himself to separate from the Internet for a period of one year. I do not claim to understand his motivations, but I will astutely follow his digital devolution on The Verge. All the best Paul, see you on the other side next year.
(via The Verge)