Updated: I Have A Confession… Don’t Take It Personal

I am addicted to Nigerian Dub Step. Summer 2011 was all about LMFAO and the music group too ;-). This summer is all about embracing Africa… music, food, culture, and of course DANCE! In the last week I have been exposed to D’Banj and have taken it upon myself to master the dance too. Share my joy below. Happy summer (winter down here in South Africa 😉
UPDATE: Can we all just take a second and give D’Banj some credit for putting real women in his video. Love it.


great song…lyrics dont say much BUT you just can´t listen to it without getting up and dancing. I do wish they had given the white guy (oliver?) more dance time, dude can move.

Looks like Kanye has got him!


I’m all about doing the “Oliver Twist”. Kanye has got D’Banje? Could be a hectic battle of egos in the near future.


Kanye actually believes he is Jesus..or something like it. DBanj knows better…jesus doesnt rap! (he´s more of a classical music kinda guy)