Thank You For Saving Sci-Fi Singularity & Co

Science fiction books are an acquired taste I will admit. However, once you taste that sweet nectar of imagination you simply cannot get enough. My addiction to Science Fiction (or Sci-Fi as us cool kids refer to it) dates back to the very first experiences I had with “choose-your-own-adventure books” (anyone remember those?). Fro the very first battle with the robot, alien, zombie, destroyer thing to the 600+ page space operas I now read, science fiction has made a special place in my heart which is why I would like to thank the NYC nerds at Singularity & Co.

Aside from running an awesome independent used book store in DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge) Brooklyn, they are systematically finding and archiving obscure and ou of print Sci-Fi novels one at a time. By covering off all the complex legals and putting the books into eBook format. they are allowing the next generation of Sci-Fi fans to start a new journey on any number of devices. How… futuristic. I know the next website I am subscribing to…

(Save The SciFi via Ars Techhnica)