Election 2012: Why I Support Obama

Obama 2012
I read a very inspired and intriguing article today by one of my favorite editors from online technology publication “The Verge”. In his article, Nilay Patel focuses his argument for Obama around Net Neutrality and the importance of freedom and openness of the Internet in the coming years. His views represent an interesting opinion from a demographic that we both share wherein we are technology focused thirty-somethings that are dependent on the Internet for not only our communication in the modern world, but for our livelihood.

I am supporting Obama for a number of reasons ranging from his reasonable compromise on social and private healthcare, to his views on education, and of course his stand on Net Neutrality and the role of technology in the American economy. Obama is the first president to have a Blackberry (which at the time was technologically relevant), he was the first president to embrace social media, and he was the first president with whom I could relate to when he spoke about the issues that are important to me and my family (responsible investing, healthcare, basketball, etc.).
When think about the next four years in America I am supremely concerned. We are losing our technilogical edge to the “lazy generation” of children raised by children, we are trying and failing to enter a cycle of economic prosperity, and the cost of higher education is becoming astronomical while we graduate fewer and fewer professionals in engineering, finance, technology, and medicine. We are at a critical point wherein I believe we need to hold steady and not completely change tack to achieve success. We have seen the economy start a slow recovery under the Obama administration. We have seen legislation enacted that promotes science and technology. We have seen a reduction in the deployment of US Soldiers in overseas war zones.
I am supporting Obama because what he is doing makes sense.
(supporting article via The Verge)