Election 2012: Why I Support Obama

Obama 2012
I read a very inspired and intriguing article today by one of my favorite editors from online technology publication “The Verge”. In his article, Nilay Patel focuses his argument for Obama around Net Neutrality and the importance of freedom and openness of the Internet in the coming years. His views represent an interesting opinion from a demographic that we both share wherein we are technology focused thirty-somethings that are dependent on the Internet for not only our communication in the modern world, but for our livelihood.
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Thank You For Saving Sci-Fi Singularity & Co

Science fiction books are an acquired taste I will admit. However, once you taste that sweet nectar of imagination you simply cannot get enough. My addiction to Science Fiction (or Sci-Fi as us cool kids refer to it) dates back to the very first experiences I had with “choose-your-own-adventure books” (anyone remember those?). Fro the very first battle with the robot, alien, zombie, destroyer thing to the 600+ page space operas I now read, science fiction has made a special place in my heart which is why I would like to thank the NYC nerds at Singularity & Co.

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Artist Spotlight: Mayra Andrade

Cuban born and raised in Cape Verde, Senegal, Angola, and France Mayra has one of the most unique and amazing musical voices around. Forgive me for my late introduction to this artist if you are already aware. I first learned about Mayra just before leaving London and how appropriate that she sings in two of the languages I understand (well one and a half really).
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Continuing The Afrobeat…

With a little Dub from my favorite band out of Mozambique…

If you are in Maputo on Saturday evening definitely check Gran’Mah as they open the festival “Dub Save My Life” at Escola de Artes Visuais at 22:00.

Updated: I Have A Confession… Don’t Take It Personal

I am addicted to Nigerian Dub Step. Summer 2011 was all about LMFAO and the music group too ;-). This summer is all about embracing Africa… music, food, culture, and of course DANCE! In the last week I have been exposed to D’Banj and have taken it upon myself to master the dance too. Share my joy below. Happy summer (winter down here in South Africa 😉
UPDATE: Can we all just take a second and give D’Banj some credit for putting real women in his video. Love it.

Happy Birthday Madiba

Today is the 94th birthday of Nelson Mandela. In the Republic of South Africa it is a national holiday dedicated to a man who dedicated his live to human rights. Madiba has spent 67 years of his life in pursuit of equality. On this day I ask that you dedicate 67 minutes to something to benefit your community.


Posted via mobile, live from Nelson Mandela Square, Johannesburg.

The New Adventure

After over three years in old Limey (on and off) it is time to make another move. Having lived most of my life in the Silicon Valley the desire to become an entrepreneur has been overwhelming. There is no time like the present. Find a niche, create a solution, target an emerging market, and make a move.
Thank you for the memories, walks, food, conversations, music, and gray skies. Toto can tell you where the next stop is… see you in the sunshine.