You Know You Are From A Small Country…

When you win a gold medal at an international shooting event and the officials make glory of you from play fictitious Kazakh national anthem from the movie “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”. Gold medalist Maria Dmitrienko stood on the podium stonefaced while officials played the hilarious anthem after her victory in Kuwait. Nobody would blame you if you pistol whipped the organizers Maria. Congratulations though.


(via Slashdot)

ZOMG Paper Airplanes!

Ever since I was a child making paper airplanes has been a hobby. I can remember taking tens of minutes to crease each fold for maximum lift and minimal drag (yes I understood the concepts of lift and drag as a child). Bernoulli’s principal of fluid dynamics, which also applies to aeronautics when designing for lift, has guided my pursuit of aeronautic, origamic perfection for decades. This is exactly why I had a massive nerdgasm as I read that a group of aeronautical engineers have constructed a 45-foot, 800 pound paper airplane in the desert of Arizona… and launched it!

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Hungry in Hungary? Try The Goulash

Yet another destination in The Burnette travel series 2012. Budapest, Hungary has that bit of Eastern European magic you just can’t get anywhere else. When you can go to a restaurant and order a schnitzel, stuffed with cheese, breaded and fried, with a blue cheese sauce to top it all off, you know you are somewhere amazing. Fat within fat, fried in fat, with fat sauce (fat inception anyone?) tastes amazing.

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Amazing photos taken with your phone

This post is intended for all of the budding photojournalists out there. For those of you without an expensive SLR camera, but with the eye of a paparazzo. Send in your favorite photos taken with your camera phone and I will feature it in this post. It would also be great if you can name the phone too (so I don’t have to sift through the exif data).

Here are a few to get you started. Both of these were taken today with my Samsung Galaxy Note on the riverside walk in Battersea Park, London.



This post was authored, edited, and posted from my Samsung Galaxy Note by the way.

Like a Good Little Robot: 8th of March 2012

The “Like a Good Little Robot” series will chronicle the life of a fictitious (or real) individual in their daily life, a life of the mundane. Why we do what we do is a source of facination. Working to work, living to work, working to live, loving to work, loving work, or working toward what we love… Which one is you? Send me your day or post in the comments. info at burnetteweb dot com.

Good morning.

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The iPad 3 Cometh

Behold mere mortals, the almighty is about to bestow on you the final piece of the holy trinity that is the iPad 3 (or iPad HD). With a case forged of fortified unicorn horn, assembled by magical pixies in an enchanted forest (apparently somewhere in China), a screen visualizing an alternate universe in pure HD, and controlled by pure desire… Prepare yourselves, none of you are worthy. The iPad 3 cometh.


I pulled some strings and spoke to Tim Cook himself about pushing the launch date back from a much more glorious day (March 3rd of course), and the iPad 3 is set to descend from the heavens, drain your bank account, and materialize in your clammy, eager hands on March 7th.


Whom among you is without iPad? I ask you to step forward and swipe the first credit card.

Things I am not too old for at thirty-something

Yet another year about, yet another job, yet another flat… You get the point. As we get older we are apparently supposed to get more mature, gain more intellectual interests, have tea parties, and offer more fake laughs for bad jokes. That is all well and good, but as we get older there are some things that simply do not change. I for one will be forever locked at 10 years old with regards to some of my interests, goals, and behavior (of course). Some of the things I have liked for the last 21 years are below:
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