Not getting any on Valentine’s day? There’s an app for that

Former Microsoft employee and obvious genius Justin Wilcox knows your pain. Come Valentime’s day if you are all alone with just you and your smartphone, the medicine is only a download away. Far away from your loved ones, and Skype is just not giving you that tactile touch you need? The Appstore or Android Market has the fix for your craving…

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The Chicken and The Egg: An Editorial on Causality

The causality conundrum is oft used in science fiction, but it is a very real concept. Basically the theory states that cause and effect are tied in a never ending loop in that the cause creates the effect (which we all know) with the added reciprocation that the cause cannot exist without the effect. The chicken and the egg are probably the most common example of this, as the argument goes that the chicken cannot exist without the egg and conversely the egg cannot exist without the chicken.


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NYE Party in London

If you happen to be in London and like dancing, drinks, and an all around good time then you may want to check out Amber Club by Moorgate on New Year’s Eve. Progressive Entertainment is planning on running on another great party in the City this year offering three rooms of different music. Salsa, old school, and top 40 will all be in the mix as you dance, drink, and chat your way into 2012. My most recent birthday party was at the same venue and I can definitely vouch for the fun factor. The PE boys and girls certainly know how to throw a party.

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Deeper into the Interwebs

Some of you eagle-eyed readers may have noticed the new Twitter icon on the top right of my blog. I have now taken my micro-musings to the twitterverse. For your daily fix of snarky comments, random facts, and rants in 140 characters or less, follow me at @Joelciefus.

Investing as Roulette: A Gambling Analogy

A recent conversation with a family member sparked my interest in how previous generations view investing money in the market versus the older and more traditional wealth preservation practices of owning property and socking money away in a savings account. After reaching out to a larger audience of friends and colleagues for their perspectives I realized that there are a lot of people out there that view investing in stocks analogous to gambling. To be perfectly honest I can definitely see the merit in that argument, however there are a few key differences in investing versus gambling.


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Book Preview: Lovers or something like it

“When disaffected young Parisin Tristan meets pretty, fragile Amelie he is thrown off guard by his feelings for her. He had sworn to stay single forever, loving and leaving a trail of heart-broken women in his wake. He hasn’t done anything to deserve falling in love: why him and why Amelie? Is she really so special? Tristan is torn between tenderness and desire, and as their relationship grows ever more complex, he finds it impossible to avoid betrayal.

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Movie Preview: Prometheus

Ok, ok I know that this is another movie based post but what can I do? I have a lot of time to myself this holiday season so I have been filling it in with books and movies. For all you nerds out there (myself included of course), famed director Ridley Scott has released the first trailer for the upcoming movie “Prometheus”. The release of this trailer is significant for a couple reasons. First, the trailer is of course a big budget film based on an incredible story about first contact. Second, and probably more significant, is that this film takes place in the “Alien” universe of films. Yes Ridley Scott is the director of the original “Alien” film and “Prometheus” is the rumored prequel to the franchise. I for one am definitely looking forward to 2012 as a great year for my favorite genres as both “Prometheus” and “The Hobbit” are due for release. Jump past the break for the trailer.

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Star Wars Flash Mob in Times Square

Now this will definitely reconfirm my status as a super nerd, but I love Star Wars, and I love a good flash mob. For those non-nerds that are not in the know a flash mob is an unexpected gathering of hundreds of people that act out a scene of a movie, musical, or other ridiculous act for a short period of time in a public place. Around Halloween in the US you see the Michael Jackson Thriller flashmobs, maybe a Storm Trooper flash mob, but the recent Star Wars: The Old Republic video game promotion that recently took place takes the cake… jump past the break for the video.
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Film Review: Love (2011)

Human beings are social creatures by nature. From the moment we are born we are emotionally bound to our mother, dependent on our father, and influenced by everyone around us. As we grow older we seek connections with others, some of these connections lasting exclusively for decades. From the beginning of our existence we are in need of connection with other people.


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Would You Buy an Apple Branded TV?

Brand recognition and loyalty does not get much higher than it is with Apple. I have personally witnessed people saving money for the next iDevice sight unseen with only a conceptual understanding of what they will ┬ábe getting based on the interwebs rumor mill. The iPhone 4S is a perfect example of a product that was so incredibly hyped by the rumor mill that even the investment community got on-board and when the device was finally released Apple stock dropped because the iPhone 4S did not meet expectations… the made up expectations of the rumor mill.

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