Safe Travels and Happy Holidays

This is officially one of the busiest travel weekends of the year across the globe. Many of you will take to plane, train, and automobile in order to see and be seen by your loved ones. Get home safe as there are people who look forward the whole year for the time when they get to see you and say they love you and miss you.


The Anti-Social Network

Before I get started I want to state that I am in no way a luddite. Funny I say that yet I still read the majority of my books in a very tactile, pressed wood pulp form, I don’t own any iDevices, and I have actually met all of the “friends” I have in person. I love technology, I embrace it… if there is a gadget, phone, game, or other electronic doodad that you have seen in a shop window or grimy little palms of some spoiled child then chances are that I either own it, have owned it, or have spent hours at a store playing with it. I mean you are reading a blog designed and hosted by me for instance. Technology has definitely transformed my life for the better. That being said, I still cannot get myself to rejoin the book of face.


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The Ghost of Christmas Retail…

So apparently there are four ghosts in this year’s Christmas carol… The ghost of Christmas past, the ghost of Christmas present, the ghost of Christmas future, and the ghost of Christmas retail. Apparently fed up with a certain New York retailer, the ghost of Christmas retail paid a visit to the rear exit (if you are giggling, you are so childish right now) of a high street store in SOHO. Jump past the break to make your own judgements. Has anyone called the Scooby Doo crew about this yet… I bet it’s just the janitor dressed as a creepy shadow from the movie Ghost.
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Movie review: The Thing (2011)

First and foremost this is not a movie for the Science Fiction or Horror genre averse. This is not even a move for people who generally enjoy sci-fi and horror movies. No, this is a movie for fans of the original version of “The Thing” from 1982. For those in the know, “The Thing” is a sci-fi/horror cult classic. It is a movie that pioneered new methods of animatronics and special effects for the entire industry (walking spider head anyone!?!). “The Thing (2011)” takes the same basic formula and updates it for 2011, even though the movie still takes place in the 80s… love it!

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A typical work day

So it is about to be another work day. Up early, shave my ugly mug, dress in a cheap suit, go smile and try not to look too stupid in front of people that make way more money than me. Another day, another dollar as they say. But I like to think that I go about my workday with a certain amount of pride, dignity, and a professional attitude with a focus on getting things done. I basically go about my work day like a boss…


Anyone else feel like a boss all day every day? Andy does.



Thanks Walt

The 7 Minute Sales Cycle

If someone asked me what I do for a living I would tell them that I am a consultant. Consultative sales, consultative solutions, and consultative advice. I do it, I love it, I think I’m pretty good at it. A colleague of took the time out of his busy day as a consultant (coincidence…) to remind me that no matter how good we are with interpersonal skills we can always be better. Being the eagle scout, good Samaritan, and all around nice guy that I am, I thought that I may share this nugget of wisdom with you. Jump past the break to see the instructional video.

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Movember: With Great ‘Tache Comes Great Responsibility

Well it is/was that time of year where all of us men band together to support other men in the most manly way possible… by growing an awesome piece of ‘tache on our upper lip. Not to be taken lightly Movember is a movement, a celebration of man supporting man, a selfless and shameless casting out of vanity for a month in order to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and other manly afflictions.


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On open letter to Shia LeBeouf: Please just stop

Dear Shia,


Please, for the love of everything from the 1980’s please just stop. Stop ruining every franchise I loved as a child. You have taken my youth and destroyed it frame by frame in glorious, headache inducing 3D. You have taken my beloved Transformers and thrown the franchise into the ground. I used to love to wake up early on Saturday morning, run down the stairs, and turn on the television and bask in the miraculous glow of Optimus, Jazz, Megatron, and Starscream. never in those cartoons was there a fast talking, untalented, overconfident oompa loompa pulling my focus off 30 foot tall cartoon robots only to focus on an 5 foot tall sack of fail. I am terrified to fire up my Blu-Ray player for fear that I have to sit through another one of your mediocre fast talk monologues, or see some gorgeous leading lady tower over your pathetically small and frail stature.


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European Sovereign Debt Crisis = Great Travel Deals

Cheeky to be fair, but when an economy is down a country tries to get as much cash flow coming in as possible and that cash flow happens to include tourism. If you are stuck on the freezing East Coast of the U.S., sick of the rain in the UK, or just looking for a change of scenery for a year end holiday then look no further then the distressed Euro nations.

Amsterdam Canal District
Amsterdam Canal District

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Occupy Wall Street… Occupy Main Street

It has been over a month since the occupy movements have started. Occupy Wall Street, occupy St. Pauls, occupy Portland Oregon… occupy over 70 major cities globally. Anyway, I spent some time searching around to understand exactly why these occupy people are so upset, why I should be upset. Considering myself a pretty regular dude, not a multi-millionaire banker, I thought I may need to go have a sit in and occupy my local bodega. Continue reading Occupy Wall Street… Occupy Main Street